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Bank Hapoalim Interest RatesBank Hapoalim is a major universal bank in Israel with operations in 20 countries.  It was founded in 1921 and its ordinary shares are listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.  It has a �bank� license under the directives of Israel's Banking Law. It provi... read more

Bank Hapoalim Discussion

  • Q: My checking account with bank hapoalim has a court order to collect our diet to the city taxes. I am now due to collect an Israeli Government pension. . Question: Will the city take that pension money from our acc.?

    Reply Alexander from Israel
  • Q: what are your cd rates uo ti 2 years and up to 100K? thank you.

    Reply marijje from Reno, United States

Bank Hapoalim Discussion Activity

  • Savings
    Q: is there any charges for using the instant access saving account if so please explain in detail . Any costs involved in using the account any charge for withdrawing cash from the account .Thanks

    Reply ben david from Israel
  • Bank Hapoalim 1 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: can you please be clear about ALL charges .Is there any? will I pay for using the accout , will I be charged if I withdraw some money after 28 days yes or no Thanks

    Reply regin from Israel
  • Bank Hapoalim 1 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Hi can I save as little as 2000 shequles it is not clear thanks

    Reply regin from Israel